Upcoming Events

NIDEC-SHIMPO CERAMICS is proud to participate in various conferences and events throughout the country each year. You may have seen us at past NCECA and NAEA events. NIDEC-SHIMPO usually has the most recently manufactured potter’s wheel set up in our booth, with a talented potter on staff providing wheel-throwing demonstrations. Stop by our booth at one of the upcoming trade shows or conferences to participate in the fun by testing one of our new potter’s wheels.

We are happy, having the help of many of our dealers, various schools and ceramic studios, that we are able to continue these demonstrations across the country. Check the calendar/agenda below for our upcoming trade shows and conferences.

Alabama Clay Conference, Ocean Beach, AL @ Perdido Beach Resort
Feb 27 – Mar 1 all-day

2020 Alabama Clay Conference

Clay Conference Registration is where it all begins!

Featured Presenters for 2020: Jennifer allen, Naomi clement, Steve loucks, and Shadow may.

NCECA’s 54th Annual Conference @ Greater Richmond Convention Center
Mar 25 – Mar 29 all-day

NIDEC-SHIMPO will be attending NCECA’s 54th annual conference this year in Richmond, VA!

A region steeped in history and engaged with reinvention, the arts, teaching and learning are at the heart of Richmond, Virginia’s vision for innovation. The primary material of ceramic art, clay, connects our human experience from our local communities to distant places, and times long past. Clay’s receptivity to human touch carries the hands of distant and past makers into the here and now. Ceramic art’s diversity of expression and continuous invention generate affinities that extend the human imagination. NCECA’s 54th annual conference will explore ways that ceramic artists are charting new pathways from the complex meanings of our interwoven histories.

Booth Location: N/A

2020 NAEA National Convention @ Minneapolis Convention Center
Mar 26 – Mar 29 all-day

The NAEA National Convention is the largest gathering of visual arts educators in the world!

The NAEA National Convention is an annual event providing substantive professional development opportunities for visual arts education professionals including classroom teachers, museum educators, administrators, college and university professors, researchers, students of art education, teaching artists, and more! Hosted in a different city each year, the Convention hosts participants from every state in the US and from around the globe. Offering as many as 1,000 participatory workshops, sessions, tours, exhibits, and keynote addresses by world-acclaimed educators, artists, researchers, and scholars, the NAEA National Convention is the premier opportunity to connect with colleagues and the latest ideas and innovations in visual arts education. It is the largest annual gathering of visual arts educators in the world!

Booth Location: N/A

Red Handed Clay Symposium, Nashville, TN @ The Clay Lady
May 29 – May 31 all-day

Red Handed Clay Symposium

The Red Handed Symposium gathers ceramic artists that focus on red earthenware clay as their medium for expression and construction.

New to this year’s symposium is a hands-on component for all participants. Presenters will team up and offer a hands-on exercise which will highlight signature techniques from their process. Each participant will have the opportunity to get out of their chair and get their hands in clay.